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Life Without TV

December 6, 2010

It is almost impossible to imagine the world without the invention of television. TV has had such a huge impact in the world and on society that life without it would be stale. In some respects, we would probably not be as evolved. Without TV, virtually every aspect of society would be affected. Most notably, the news and entertainment industries would have completely different faces today without the advent of television. On a micro scale, one’s image would probably not be as important in society as it is today.

The entertainment industry and Hollywood, California would be different altogether. In part, social attitudes have evolved thanks to the many television shows that have introduced us to new concepts, ideas and ways of life. On a positive note, television has helped break down stereotypes. Some the TV shows that have embraced our living rooms throughout the years are: The Honeymooners, Mary Tyler Moore, Hill Street Blues, Seinfeld, E/R and Madmen. Where would we be without them? Furthermore, Rock N’ Roll and pornography would be void of all of its pomp and circumstance, and they would be limited to radio and print, respectively.

From a news reporting perspective, the dissemination of news would rely on newspapers and radio. There would be no need for visual moving images or a cameraman. The evolution of the journalist would have halted at the point of radio limiting broadcast journalism as we know it today.

It is difficult to say exactly if the Internet could exist without TV, as I found articles online with conflicting opinions and information.


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