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Blog Critique: GAWKER

February 15, 2012

GAWKER ROCKS! reported today that Sarah Palin’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee was interrupted by a group of Occupy protesters. The article mentions that the protesters were ushered out by security as the crowd chanted.

Sarah Palin @ CPAC, February 2012.

The Gawker post seems very factual. It is written fairly presenting only the facts and attempts to identify exactly which Occupy group is responsible for interrupting Palin’s speech with a so-called “mic-check.” It also quotes the American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas as calling her speech the “perfect, perfect ending.”

It is clearly based on three reliable sources identified as ACU chairman Cardenas, the Observer and an Occupy group from American University. There is also a video accompanying the article to support the story. In the video, you can hear Palin continuing her speech after the crowd stops chanting.

I trust Gawker as several of my close friends use it, and I hear it mentioned often. The landing page on has a photo and story on Whitney Houston’s death, which started making headlines just a few hours ago. So, Gawker definitely keeps current with its news content.

Whitney Houston, 2011.

I have also started to follow Gawker on Twitter.




Extra Credit:

1. has a news archive sorted by year.
2. publishes the current weather in the upper right hand corner of its landing page.
3. has an “Apply Today!” link.

What I did for my extra credit was to find elements in other college websites that I did not see incorporated into Lehman’s own website. In all honesty, I pulled up a lot of college and university websites, and Lehman’s website is very much comparable. It took me a while to find elements that I think would improve Lehman’s site. In any event, I hope this helps.


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