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Curated Blog: Ramarley Graham Shooting

February 15, 2012

Graham Shooting Sparks Bronx-NYPD Policing Debate

Some in the Bronx may be saying that NYPD policing measures need to change. This is especially true with the recent shooting and killing of 18-year-old Ramarley Graham by an NYPD officer, after being cornered in the bathroom of his family’s apartment. reported in a February 9, 2012 article that the officer who shot Graham, Richard Haste, is described as being “extremely aggressive.” In the same article, it is reported that the Graham family “rebuffed” a meeting with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Among many others, an article posted in on February 7, 2012 makes reference to the Amadou Diallo shooting of 1999, bringing to light the need for the community to take more control of the policing measures used in the Bronx by the NYPD. Assemblyman Carl Heastie is quoted: “Anytime you end up having an unarmed person, particularly someone of color, who gets shot and killed by police, it brings back all of the old stories.”

An online article published by the Huffington Post on February 7, 2012 highlights the tension that is building between the NYPD and protesters in the Bronx. The story is a sensationalized with comparisons between the NYPD and the KKK made by the people in the Bronx. It has been a white cop in both cases killing a black man.

Both the New York Daily News and The New York Times ran stories on how Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is responding to the tragic event. A February 9, 2012 headline in reads: “Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly orders review after fatal shooting of unarmed teenager.” In The New York Times website article that was published on February 3, 2012, the headline reads: “Kelly Expresses Concern Over Fatal Shooting in Bronx.” The media coverage the Graham story is getting in New York City seems to be geared more towards policy and procedures within the NYPD.

On February 8, 2012, the featured a story on 500 protesters calling for the resignation of Police Commissioner Kelly. and did not cover the story.

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