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Janet talks Whitney, Michael on Anderson

February 21, 2012

Janet Jackson appeared as a guest on TV’s Anderson on Moday, February 20th promoting her new book, True You.

“I have not felt such excitement in this room in a long time,” Anderson told Jackson. He also said that she looked amazing, which she did. She really is beautiful.

Jackson was wearing a loose-fighting, 3/4-length, sleeveless black pantsuit that exposed black leggings, underneath at her ankles. And of course, there were black heels to go with the black nail polish.

“I feel like I grew up with you,” Anderson confessed. “I watched Good Times all the time.” He also complimented her sexy performance of That’s The Way Love Goes in Saturday Night Live (SNL) back in the day.

Anderson asked Jackson about the recent death of Whitney Houston, to which she replied: “I-I (giggles in disbelief) couldn’t believe it. I immediately started shaking. I was trying to text everyone that I knew to let them know, and I was speechless. I could not believe it.”

Jackson added about Whitney: “Incredible. I mean, she was known as the voice. When she would open her mouth and this instrument would come out, you would obviously, understand why. She was such a, such a sweet soul.”

The subject then turned to her brother, Michael. Jackson joked about their childhood and how close they were as siblings. According to Jackson, they were the closest of all the Jackson brothers and sisters.

The conversation about Michael became more serious when Jackson said she never expressed any emotion for two years after Michael’s death. This was the same issue I had case with my brother’s death: no emotion. Janet and I both concur that suppressing the emotions that come with loss eventually catch up with you. And sometimes, they do so in great magnitude.

Jackson admitted that she was very fortunate to be one of those TV-kids who successfully transitioned into the music industry. She credits the unforgettable album, CONTROL.

Jackson and Andersen joked about the days of Studio 54. Jackson admits to being so naive and wondering why people were “putting flour up their nose.” This comment made the audience break into laughter.

Jackson surprised a dance troupe, unaware of her being there, thinking they were there for a dance competition. Jackson and Andersen also talked about health, fitness and nutrition with Jackson’s personal trainer paying a visit. They also spoke about Nutrisystem, to which a member of the dance troupe was giving a six month supply.

Ironically, Janet was sweet enough to gave Anderson a gift: a giant frozen-hot chocolate. She then fed him some of the giant-sized drink with a giant straw only after he had already dipped his finger in it twice to indulge.

“Janet Jackson is feeding me!” Andersen said in delight. Apparently, the frozen-hot drink is one of his favorites.

The Anderson show airs on Channel PIX 11, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.


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