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NYC Occupy 4 Prisoners Solidarity March

February 22, 2012

The Occupy movement spread to the Lincoln Correctional Facility on Monday, February 20th taking the shape of a solidarity march organized by Occupy 4 Prisoners.

Association Pro Inmates Rights whose slogan is “Inmates Are Human Too!” joined in along with other protest groups, such as OWS Prisoner Solidarity Subcommittee and the OWS Immigration Working Group. Although many former prisoners were present, the energy was very focused on conducting a peaceful march and the exercising our First Amendment right of free speech and freedom of assembly.

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After their signature mic check, the protesters began comparing the prison industrial complex to “modern-day lynching” and “white settler colonization” offering statistics about different prisoner demographics, primarily African-Americans and Latinos.

The police presence was minimal based on the hundreds of protesters that showed up, and the officers did not seem like they were anticipating any kind of confrontation. The NYPD looked relax, occasionally looking at their smart phones.

The crowd can best be described as a wide cross-section of New Yorkers, a signature trademark of the Occupy movement.

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