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Are Computers Intelligent?

February 23, 2012

In the film The Matrix, the blue and red pill scene are symbolic of heaven and hell, respectively. Neo chooses the red pill, representing the fire in Hell, preferring to continue his quest for the truth through an apocalyptic world. The blue pill, as in the sky in Heaven, would guarantee life in a controlled, simulated, and perhaps, predestined life. By taking the red pill and then choosing again to go into the matrix, Neo takes on the form of Jesus Christ. His going back into the matrix is representative of the second coming of Christ. If you keep repeating NEO over and over, you will end up with ONE i.e. NEONEONEONEONEO … the “One.”

The most interesting thing about the character Cypher is that his name and struggles resemble that of “Lucifer,” as in Satan. Cypher prefers the blue pill because, just like Lucifer, he can not survive in an apocalyptic world run by machines. Satan needs the human race in order to continue being the Devil because without human souls the Devil becomes meaningless. Consequently, another striking similarity between them is that both Lucifer and Cypher betray their master.

Artificial intelligence is happening as we speak, even if it is at a small scale. Computers and machines have begun to replace humans in the workforce. We are starting to see this in places like the self-checkout at the A&P and Key Food. We also see it in the banking industry as we no longer need bank tellers to make deposits or withdraw cash.

Even the advertising industry will change with technology. Advertising is now being customized and tailor-made based on our everyday surfing habits. Every time we hit “like,” the computers of the world are taking note. Billboards on highways will begin scanning driver facial features and matching them with their profile and interests. If your profiles express an interest in hiking, highway billboards are likely to begin flashing REI ads as you drive by them.

Mars Exploration Rover

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku is a great source for obtaining information about the realities of artificial intelligence. You can check him out on YouTube: “Michio Kaku on Artificial Intelligence,” as well as in In this interview, Kaku talks about Moore’s Law and about implanting Asimov* chips that would potentially shut down the computers of the future once if they were to start having thoughts/dreams of harming humans and/or taking over the world.

Kaku makes note that the two basic problems with robots are vision and common sense.

* Note: Isaac Asimov was a professor of biochemistry at Boston University and an American author, specializing in science fiction and popular science.

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