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I Feel. Therefore, I am.

March 1, 2012

The Matrix Hypothesis of being in a matrix and having always been in a matrix is just funny, to me. Although this really gets me thinking, I just do not buy it. The emotions and feelings that we experience as human beings is something that is, too much, of a human experience for me to disregard when considering it. I guess my point is that feeling and thinking are two different things. To me, this is precisely what will separate us from the machines to come.

If “beings” could be substituted for “God” in the Creation Hypothesis, I suppose this hypothesis would be accepted by religious people around the world. The majority of the world would probably agree with the Creation Hypothesis.

Chalmer’s objections are about delusion in relation to a “brain in a vat” and what the brain perceives to be reality or virtual reality. If this were to be the case, my train of thought would probably follow that of the film The Matrix. This would mean that only a brain in vat that “wakes up” could start making the distinction between its virtual reality and true reality.
Since watching The Matrix, I have kept thinking of a quote that I once read that has always stuck with me. I believe it is a Buddhist lesson/quote and I would like to share it:

“If you think you are bound, then you are bound. If you think you are free, then you are free. For the saying is true: You are what you think.” I had this in mind when Neo was in the training simulator and when he was trying to fly for the first time. I tried looking for it online to properly attribute it but could not find it.

However, I did find another Buddhist quote that is similar: “He is able who thinks he is able.”

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