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Life Happens

August 2, 2012

Graduating high school and moving to New York City happened for this Cuban-American in 1989 and 1996, respectively. Affirming the city had other plans for me, it took 20 ½ years to get back to college.

The tricky part sounds like a cliché but: the older one becomes, the more that life happens. And like a roller coaster out of control, the longer I waited simply amounted to time being wasted. However, you can always find a reason, or a lesson, as to why life happens the way it does. A lot of times, you do not make the discovery until much later.

With the new generation of Millennials, armed with college degrees and the willingness to work for less, going back to college became an obvious goal. How does one compete without a degree in a fickle job market alongside younger college graduates? It would have been senseless to not go back.

If you did the math, I am a 41-year-old college junior. And, I currently hold a 3.88 GPA at Lehman College-CUNY. My graduation date is scheduled for June 2014.

With over 20 years of work experience in finance with small graphic design, branding, and ad agencies, I decided on a Bachelor’s of Arts in Multimedia Studies with a focus on either Media Industries or Public Relations. My minor is Multimedia Journalism.

As my Statement of Financial Need, I would like to assert that I am a Hispanic-American male in his 40s enrolled in the Adult Degree Program at Lehman College-CUNY in the Bronx who is unemployed, and not by choice. Attempting to fulfill a college education without a job is a true test of my dedication in seeing my education through. I am not giving up.

My planned course load for the 2012-13 academic school year consists of 12 credits each semester. In the fall, I am registered and will be taking Introduction to P.R., Media Industries I, Audio Visual Production, and African-American Media.

My plans for spring are Media Industries II and Communication in Society in order to continue fulfilling requirements within the Media Industries track, unless I make my focus Public Relations. I also plan on taking Advanced Screenwriting (liberal art) in order to continue working on a screenplay that I wrote last year titled “Don’t Call Me Bro.” I hope to shoot a few scenes in the spring to use as a demo.

A Bachelor’s of Arts in Multimedia Studies will allow me to continue working in an industry that I am familiar with at a creative and higher level. My career goals are to develop marketing campaigns and write slogans during the day while shopping my screenplay around at night. To a degree, the way in which I want to market my screenplay will be an attempt at tapping into mass appeal.

How does one achieve mass appeal with an ad campaign or a screenplay? It’s easy. Throw in a little bit for everybody and hope that life happens.


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