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Madonna on My Mind

September 14, 2012

Madonna as a “Beautiful Killer” in the the MDNA Tour, 2012.

You need MDMA to enjoy MDNA. Either that, or a few beers from the concession stands at Yankee Stadium, which by the way, is massive. It is huge!

Madonna’s MDNA Tour hit Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and it was a little bit of a foul ball. In comparison to the stadium’s size, the video screens are tiny, and this does nothing for fans who could only afford seats in the sections higher up and/or towards the back. Perhaps, bigger screens like the ones at Madison Square Garden would have helped the show become more than just a blur. After all, Madonna concert tickets are expensive. The technology exists for bigger screens.

Madonna in the rain at an MDNA show in Dublin.

Who cares about the rain on the night of Saturday, September 8th?

It is also perplexing to learn that “Like a Virgin” and “Papa Don’t Preach” are on the MDNA show’s set list. Seriously. How many times have we not heard these songs either on other tours or on the radio? Perhaps, Madonna has had vaginal rejuvenation, and this compels her. Or maybe, she should start getting ready for Vegas.

The Virgin Tour, 1985.

Why not rock up rare oldies like “Physical Attraction,” “Angel,” or “Over and Over,” which have not been performed live since The Virgin Tour in 1985? Many fans would have settled for “Cherish,” “Swim,” or even “Spotlight.” On a positive note, one definite highlight is the flamenco-style version of “Open Your Heart,” which is highly reminiscent of how she reworked “Erotica” for The Confessions Tour.

The MDNA Tour is not strong thematically when compared to other Madonna shows, which is what she is so well known for. She can definitely borrow and make something her own. Madonna knows how to put on a show. Unfortunately though, MDNA is not necessarily cathartic and lacks an emotional arc. If anything, the show is dramatic with the “beautiful killer” theme but difficult to put into context collectively when trying to factor her in as a cheerleader. Throw me a bone!

The Confessions Tour, 2006.

In The Confessions Tour, an equestrian theme starts the show and a 1970s theme ends it. Somehow, Madonna made it work from every angle. In The Drowned World Tour, everyone remembers the giant wingspan of the kimono she wore while singing “Frozen,” as well as the Cirque du Soleil acrobatics. She literally flew across the stage while performing “Sky Fits Heaven.” That show kicked ass!

The Drowned World Tour, 2001.

Madonna is a visual, and we know this because her videos on MTV helped jump start her career. She understood the video medium extremely well and knew how to capitalize on it. There has definitely been a mixed reaction to MDNA. Fans who sat up close thought the show was amazing. Those who did not have a hard time saying exactly where she rocked it out.

I don’t have digital, or even diddly squat. But, who knows? Things may turn around and getting to see MDNA up close may become a possibility when Madonna returns to New York City for two more shows in November 2012 at Madison Square Garden.

The view from my seat in the 300 section at Yankee Stadium on September 8, 2012.

  1. I happened to have loved the show. I agree that I wish she would have used larger screens to help us who sat way back. Other than that, I was amazed. She did have a story arc. It was a transition from darkness/evil to light/good. The start of the show was very dark and scary, especially during her song Bang Bang. That was her rendition of hell and through out the show, she transitioned to good, as seen with Like a Prayer. It was amazing. My favorite part hands down was when she sang Express Yourself, mixed it with Gaga’s Born this Way, and snuck in the lyrics for She’s Not Me. It was Legendary!

  2. It is hard on this day n age to keep up and to continue to re-envent yourself. She is very creative and is good at doing this “Market” There are very few people who you can say started in the 80’s and can still bring a crowd as she does and sell out seats. She was a hit at half time on the Super Bowl. Not to mention her age. Wow, what a workaholic.

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