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The Lincolns Live

February 8, 2013
Daniel Day-Lewis as President Lincoln.

Daniel Day-Lewis as President Lincoln.

Being of a different century altogether, the most interesting thing about the film Lincoln is how our government held session 150 years ago in a nation divided over the Thirteenth Amendment.

Lincoln is not action-driven or a film about war. Instead, the film is dialogue heavy, yet amazing. With players like Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, the film is worth watching alone. You can’t fuck with Norma Rae, and we all know Steven Spielberg is great.

The film captures a funny president who reasons his way through his actions. And as we all know, Lincoln changed our country forever. This character would be a challenge for any actor to play.

According to an article in, Spielberg spent years convincing Day-Lewis to play Lincoln. But once onboard, he immersed himself in the character and would text Sally Field as if he were Lincoln for real. In an interview with, they met in character, Field said. This definitely comes through in their performances.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln is spot-on, like Jamie Foxx in Rae. And, that is strange to think being that we can only make assumptions about Lincoln’s personality and character based on what is written. DDL is worthy of both a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

Good luck, Daniel! On a side note, I hope Sally Field wins for Best Supporting Actress, as well.

Sally Field plays Mary Todd Lincoln.

Sally Field plays Mary Todd Lincoln.



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