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Movie Madness: “Tammy”

December 6, 2014


The television show Roseanne helped pave the way for the film Tammy, not to mention, the success of Melissa McCarthy’s career. Let’s face it.

That is the first thing that I will write about this hilarious comedy. The second is that Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon, who plays her grandmother Pearl, are a comedic dynamic duo. Watching Sarandon play this role was actually a little reminiscent of Thelma and Louise, but in a completely opposite fashion. Secondly, Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh play a lesbian couple who help Tammy and Pearl while they are on the run. How fun is that?

The third point is that the writing was truly witty. It would not have been as funny of a film, otherwise. That’s for sure! And, the writer? Guess who? Yep. Melissa McCarthy along with Ben Falcone (who plays Air Marshall Jon on Bridesmaids) are the writers. Falcone also directed Tammy.


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