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Movie Madness: “Cake”

June 11, 2015
Jennifer Aniston in the film Cake.

Jennifer Aniston in the film Cake.

Cake written by Patrick Tobin and directed by Daniel Barnz is a good drama.  Jennifer Aniston does a nice job of playing a serious role, but it would have been nice if her character Claire was not so flat and one-dimensional.  Claire would have more depth if there would have been, let’s say, a flashback of happier times.  Just one.  A short one.  But, I get it.  Aniston’s character is addicted to painkillers and moonlights with the notion of suicide.

The fact that Claire is addicted to painkillers is a MacGuffin.  That is what the whole story is about.  If you are not paying attention, you will miss the reason why.  It also takes a little bit to figure out why the ghost of Anna Kendrick’s character Nina keeps visiting Claire from the grave after having killed herself by jumping off a freeway.  But, it’s definitely a nice touch.

This is Jennifer Aniston stripped of make-up, designer dresses, and high-heeled shoes.  That’s all I’m going to write.  I wouldn’t want to give the movie away in case you are into dramas like I am.  After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too!


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