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Poem: Jessie Knows

September 18, 2016

Jessie wears no bling

Royalty, but not a king

Jessie knows the nitty gritty 

of the whole thing


A quintessential rebel kid

That’s pretty much what he did

Pulled me away, Omar was dead

“You’re my brother now,” Jessie said


The mission stayed the same

Never once did it ever change

Grab any keys, take any car

We never drove very far


Closer in age

and very straight

Omar and Jessie 

explored outer space


Jessie always knew 

I’d turn out queer

Never once thinking

I’d drink all his beer!


His mom would give me

Jars filled with pennies

Just enough 

It was such a blessing


Everything arrives in due time

Just wait and see

Soon my world will celebrate

Under a coconut tree


Dear Jessie, stay awake and keep watch

Always make sure you look at that clock

Life gives us only ourselves to blame

What you know now could derail a train



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