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Poem:  Just a Son

I’m just a son – I’m not a bum – who doesn’t work – to take care of his Mom

I’m just a son – I’m not a flake – I won’t allow – myself to break

There are times – when I wonder – if all the noise – is only thunder

I’m just a guy – that tries to do – all the things – to not feel blue

I’m just a son – one in a zillion – who struggles with – a lot of helium

I stay grounded – I have no choice – she’s my Mom – and I’m just her son


Movie Madness: “The Day the Clown Cried” (unreleased)

The 1972 Holocaust drama “The Day the Clown Cried” by infamous writer-director Jerry Lewis will be inducted into the National Film Registry, according to the New York Post.  The Library of Congress acquired the film from Lewis contingent upon the film remaining under lock and key for another decade.

dayclowncried sums up the plot of the film in one sentence:  “A circus clown is imprisoned by the Nazis and goes with children to their deaths.” and clarify the clown is of German origin, imprisoned in Auschwitz for making fun of Hitler, and forced to keep Jewish children quiet prior to leading them to gas chambers.

The film is thought to be a quintessential example of (probably) the worst film ever made.  And, that could be the reason for its induction.  Lewis has described it as “embarrassingly bad” and never screened it, much less released it.  Then again, in all fairness, he has also said “it’s too small of a piece ” and that “it isn’t large enough to have a dynamic impact.”

Film buffs who revel in the filmmaking of the 70s and 80s, like myself, will have to wait until at least 2025 to watch it.  If still alive, Lewis will be 99.

Seketl’e: I Once Knew A Kid


I once knew a kid who blew me away

All the way into outer space

Through the stars and past the moon

He never learned how to use a spoon


Not one word

Yet he said a lot

A tough little warrior

Who blindly fought


Hard to imagine

the love that comes with

Even harder to witness

a child getting sick


I once knew a kid for a very short time

So short, in fact, it made me cry

He never complained, always sustained

The soul of this child will always remain


He must be singing now

Hitting high notes

Up in heaven

All afloat


For so many people

In so many ways

All I can say

Is that he went away


I once knew a kid

His name was Seketl’e

He touched the world around him

Of this, I can betcha’


I never held him

He never spoke

But trust when I write

He was the ultimate bloke


I once knew a kid

His name was Seketl’e

It’s his birthday, you see

So, let’s not forget that

Movie Madness: “Cake”

Jennifer Aniston in the film Cake.

Jennifer Aniston in the film Cake.

Cake written by Patrick Tobin and directed by Daniel Barnz is a good drama.  Jennifer Aniston does a nice job of playing a serious role, but it would have been nice if her character Claire was not so flat and one-dimensional.  Claire would have more depth if there would have been, let’s say, a flashback of happier times.  Just one.  A short one.  But, I get it.  Aniston’s character is addicted to painkillers and moonlights with the notion of suicide.

The fact that Claire is addicted to painkillers is a MacGuffin.  That is what the whole story is about.  If you are not paying attention, you will miss the reason why.  It also takes a little bit to figure out why the ghost of Anna Kendrick’s character Nina keeps visiting Claire from the grave after having killed herself by jumping off a freeway.  But, it’s definitely a nice touch.

This is Jennifer Aniston stripped of make-up, designer dresses, and high-heeled shoes.  That’s all I’m going to write.  I wouldn’t want to give the movie away in case you are into dramas like I am.  After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

Movie Madness: “Tammy”


The television show Roseanne helped pave the way for the film Tammy, not to mention, the success of Melissa McCarthy’s career. Let’s face it.

That is the first thing that I will write about this hilarious comedy. The second is that Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon, who plays her grandmother Pearl, are a comedic dynamic duo. Watching Sarandon play this role was actually a little reminiscent of Thelma and Louise, but in a completely opposite fashion. Secondly, Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh play a lesbian couple who help Tammy and Pearl while they are on the run. How fun is that?

The third point is that the writing was truly witty. It would not have been as funny of a film, otherwise. That’s for sure! And, the writer? Guess who? Yep. Melissa McCarthy along with Ben Falcone (who plays Air Marshall Jon on Bridesmaids) are the writers. Falcone also directed Tammy.

The Castle is Not OK with K.


Novelist and short story writer Franz Kafka never completed his novel The Castle. He died first.

The Castle is based on a character simply named K. and focuses on his attempt to gain access into a mysterious castle that governs a small village by its inhabitants. The novel incorporates themes of alienation and bureaucracy.

Although Kafka never formally finished writing The Castle, the story implies that K. dies in his attempt to uncover the truth. Kafka, himself, died of tuberculosis on June 3, 1924. He was an Austrian-Hungarian Jew born in Prague, which is now the Czech Republic.

Being Green Can Be Easy!

Red eyed tree frogs are native to the rainforests in Central America and are arboreal by living on trees.  They camouflage their red eyes and the blue sides of their legs during the day by shutting their eyes and tucking in their legs underneath their stomachs.  They are not poisonous.


Photo Courtesy: Carey James Balboa.

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